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ENGITEC, company with extensive experience in architecture and engineering services created in Andorra in 1987 by Pere Espuga and Josep Maria planes. Large sample of suficiente architectural projects accredited by different awards and competitions of architecture in Andorra.

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After a process that lasted 15 years, the legislature moved a decade ago to the new offices, which grouped for the first time in a single space the chamber, the Sindicatura and the rooms of committees and parliamentary groups.
The "A l'Alça" Program of Andorra Difusió, interview with the architect Pere Espuga to present the Promotion of Apartments that will take place at the Hotel Comtes d'Urgell.
The new Headquarters of Justice is a unique building and
emblematic, consistent with the institution that occupies it.

It is an institutional, representative building and it is this significance that increases the responsibility and the challenge implicit in the proposal.
This Monday, work has begun on the Prat de la Creu plot.

Pere Espuga, the architect in charge of designing the new courthouse, explains the main keys to the project, where he plays with two clearly differentiated spaces.