Architecture and engineering Andorra

ENGITEC, company with extensive experience in architecture and engineering services created in Andorra in 1987 by Pere Espuga and Josep Maria planes. Large sample of suficiente architectural projects accredited by different awards and competitions of architecture in Andorra.

Andorra architecture news

he new building of the secondary school of La Margineda, has as a starting point: an extension of the existing institute, large classrooms of about 60 m2, new toilets, own access, and comply with the rules of accessibility. The structure of the new building is ready to support a future extension...
The initial demand consisted of reforming a space on the second floor of the Canillo gondola building, in order to move the motorcycles that were being exhibited in the space located next to the Church of San Joan de Caselles. The final space shares the visitor reception with the entrance to the...
Unnic will be the name of the new leisure center that will make up the Andorran casino, as announced today by the company Jocs SA, which won the competition for the management of the space.
The large soccer field consists of 7,000 square meters, the grass is artificial and the floor is heated.