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Less is more

The change of location of the base of operations of the service of Conservation and Exploitation of roads (COEX), will be placed in a property owned by the Government, under the connecting viaducts in the east mouth of the tunnel of the Dos Valires, the parish of Encamp.

The new location will allow an improvement in the collaboration between snow plow teams or necessary actions between the two valleys and will facilitate the mobility of the necessary vehicles in case of retentions in both a valley and the other.

Pere Espuga / ENGITEC, presents his proposal with the slogan "Less is more" with obtaining the Third Prize.

It is projected, a sustainable building that respects the preexisting infrastructures and makes the most of the different interventions already carried out at the moment in which the new base of operations of the road service will be located.

"Less is more", Third prize at the contest of the new COEX base