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Nova Seu del Consell General

New Place for the Consell General of Andorra

The new seat of the General Council located in the vicinity of the Casa de la Vall is a building that solves the functional program of the Parliament building and at the same time fits and gives immediate response to the monumental potentialities.

With a maximum height of 30,20 m,...
Parc d'animal Naturalia

Engineering project for landscape integration

Naturlandia is an animal park located in the plateau of La Rabassa, 2000 meters high where technology and respect for the environment meet.

This milestone has been achieved with an ambitious engineering work including design of the animal’s spaces and ponds as well as the...
New Andbank Branch

New office Andbanc Sant Julia de Loria

The remodelation of the office Andbanc Prada Ramon (Andorra la Vella) is characterized by minimalist technology. The innovative design of the new office has been held by the architect Pere Espuga from Engitec Arquitectes i Enginyers Associats, considering limitations of the structure of the...
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