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casa Comuna d'Ordino

Expansion and reform of the Commune House of Ordino

This project begins with the willingness to reform and connect the Procedures building with the Commune House of Ordino, located in the main square of Ordino, and create a single entity.

The design of the project was handled by the architect Pere Espuga from Engitec Arquitectes i...
Hollande visita la nova Seu del Consell General2

Habitatges socials al Pas de la Casa

Apartment building Solana Pas de la Casa

Located in Encamp, the construction project of social housing on the street Solana in Pas de la Casa was designed by the architect Pere Espuga from Engitec Arquitectes i Enginyers Associats along with construction partners Cevalls.

The project has been designed to connect 92...
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