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Presentation of the new Casino projects of the company JOCS, SA

Image of the Casino proposal at Prat de la Creu Street

During the day, our architect Pere Espuga attended on behalf of the company ENGITEC, SA at the presentation of the two projects for the Casino d'Andorra, of the company 100% andorran, JOCS, SA.

The company proposes two locations. One at Caldea and the other at Prat de la Creu street, on the plot where the old skate park was.

In Andorra la Vella's proposal, a newly created building will be built exclusively for the casino, with two underground parking spaces and four floors in height.

It will have a façade of LEDs, which will allow the events to be communicated.

The project contemplates in its upper part a flat roof that will be part of the extension of the Plaça del Poble, where, together with a new elevator, it will enhance the connection of Prat de la Creu with Avenida Meritxell.

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