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The Carmen Thyssen Museum in Andorra to the magazine Portella

Carmen Thyssen Museum Andorra

In the current building of the Carmen Thyssen Museum in Andorra, Reig family finally chose to make luxury homes and a restaurant on the ground floor.

The company in charge of the new project, Engitec, with the architect Pere Espuga at the head,
It had the challenge of preserving an emblematic building and, at the same time, adapting it to current needs. During the start of the works, the opportunity arose to welcome the Carmen Thyssen Andorra Museum. "It was very interesting because it is a small and historic building, where two different uses had to coexist.
It was very important not to make mistakes, "explains Espuga. True to the way in which architecture understands, it was decided for simplicity.
It preserved the symbolic power of the façade, rebuilt the roof and marked the two tickets well, to differentiate them. Access to the museum was projected on Avinguda Carlemany and the one of the houses was made recovering a secondary patio and giving value. From this initial division, and with the premise of not altering the historical façade, the new elements were added "without mixing the old ones with the new ones" to prevent competition from being made.

Excerpt from the article published in the Portella Magazine nº 12

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The Carmen Thyssen Andorra Museum opened its doors this 2017 with a double objective: to become a vital and dynamic space and to achieve a strong presence in the cultural, social and economic reality of the country.