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Encamp (Principat d'Andorra)

Date: 2007
, Architecture (Principality of Andorra)

The project for building multifunctional Prada Moles has been articulated from a series of premises: solar Copríncep Avenue located between Episcopal and the river, in a high elevation on the river through which extends a public green area.

The building must be the link between the urban and the river walk. Will be the beginning or end of the footpaths, between Park Avenue and River Copríncep.

Uniqueness of the building for its location, landmark building that gives formal status in the city, to dialogue with the place.

Creating terraced to minimize the visual impact and allow distribution of outdoor activities. Building effective, flexible, simple, rigorous, versatile, easy to use, where you can see simultaneously the city and the park.

Transparent ground floor where mixed indoor and outdoor space. Optimize passive climate control.

Leave as much space as possible in reserve on the site, to locate in another phase, another public building that faces the sports area and connected with it, which would stand out from the gondola Engolasters.

Downstairs, in the height of the avenue Episcopal Co-Prince, we generate a square lookout at River Park, which is the preamble to the triple-height large hall, lighted by a skylight zenith.

This visually related P-1 plants, ground fl and P1 and articulates the entire building.

The requirements of the building are three different areas of function rooms, we have located the three areas in these three plants, P-1, P.0, P.1, respectively.

And they have organized around a main hall for a unitary, we clarified the operation of the building and allows great flexibility of use crossover between rooms of different areas, or the same areas together.

Likewise, each multipurpose room can operate independently with its own direct access from the outside, to further enhance the versatility of the building.