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Architecture projects: Concurs reforma i ampliació conjunt d'edificis d'Andorra Telecom



Andorra la Vella (Principat d'Andorra)

Date: 2015
Concurs reforma i ampliació conjunt d'edificis d'Andorra Telecom, Architecture (Principality of Andorra)

Concurs reforma i ampliació conjunt d'edificis d'Andorra Telecom

The project has been designed taking into account the main objective of building the city, talking with the urban environment and the people. The main elements that characterize it are:
- The design of an emblematic building new benchmark in the country.
- The creation of a new urban space, the plaza.
- The vertical stratification program.
- Flexibility and versatility.
- Structure and materials.

The proposed 19.746,90 m2 born with the idea of a contemporary and timeless building which incorporates new technologies in an attractive and striking image, to become a new landmark in the Avenida Meritxell and the whole valley of Andorra.

The gap between different streets surrounding the site of the new building is the opportunity for creating a large outdoor deck and accessible platform, which acts as a public square, transforms and expands physically and visually Meritxell Avenue and welcomes the building. The building does not touch the ground to release public space, providing the parish of a new field that accommodates all kinds of urban activities.

Height is proposed to stratify the different functional units of the program, four more public bodies more private. This positioning of the volumes ordered a complex functional program with various public and private uses and with the added constraint of keeping certain parts of the existing building.
Generating the proposed building in a simple construction and use, to introduce clean geometric shapes order, located one above the other forming a perimeter decreasing tower.

The projected through a simple and organized structure, with intelligent skin, building becomes a container of activities, able to accommodate all uses of the program, and others that may arise in the future, quite naturally and without fanfare.
The choice of materials follows the same thread that the volumetric set definition. The two glass skins and artificial wood slats determine a series of flat facade, which help emphasize the play of volumes. This double skin changing, change the image of the building over time, depending on the interior light, the sunlight and the orientation of wooden slats.

Successfully integrate a building of fifteen plants within the urban fabric of Andorra la Vella, with narrow streets and well-established, is the key project. The strength of this integration is the fact that the building off above the ongoing public space created, which allows visual release today no longer exist, widening and giving birth to the streets.

The whole of the north façade LED screens are not designed to operate separately. Form a set, and form a set of interactions with pedestrians. Should serve as advertising material standards, but its central role as a support for the presentation of products, and should also serve to film screenings, videos ... for casual viewers outside the fifth floor auditorium.
It seeks to create a public square on the avenue to become a benchmark as the Piccadilly Circus in London or Times Square in New York.