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Architecture projects: Contest to build the plot El Trillà 4 (Second Prize)



Andorra la Vella (Principat d'Andorra)

Date: 2013
Contest to build the plot El Trillà 4 (Second Prize), Architecture (Principality of Andorra)

Contest to build the plot El Trillà 4 (Second Prize)

A project is an illusion, this is the real thrill of this work:

- A concept, an original idea, the rules of the game.

- Provide the building volumetric own unique identity.

- With minimal gestures, get to the core, volume, light, timelessness.

- Solve the difficulty from the simplicity and rigor.

- Loud and clear perception of the spaces, avoiding superfluous.

- A "Gemstone" edged, luminous Avenue appropriates as urban reference with its elegance, simplicity and balance.

- A "Gemstone" flying over the avenue, with a body flown tension and gives us character.

-The bow we crack to reveal a videowall advertising, bright, full height.

- Transparent glass-facade on the ground floor.

With a set of transparent and translucent glass from acid rotates first floor for privacy and solar control with a double skin on the office floors.

- Access to homes and businesses from Meritxell Avenue and Calle Doctor molines, with the staircase next to the dividing wall.

 - Release all the plant for the different types of applications that we implemented in the building.

- Facade homes with large terraces, type of housing support duplex or simplex.