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Architecture projects: Contest New Seat of Justice (First Prize)



Andorra la Vella (Principat d'Andorra)

Date: 2015
Contest New Seat of Justice (First Prize), Architecture (Principality of Andorra)

Contest New Seat of Justice (First Prize)

An emblematic building is projected to become an urban reference with clean geometric shapes that introduce order.

The building has a simple conception in aspects such as form, distribution of uses and construction, which solves a rather complex program.

A skin adapted to each indoor use and in its orientation, which protects us from the sun and at the same time defines a unique building in a diverse environment and with a high visibility from Avenue Tarragona.

The projected building allows a great versatility and flexibility in the use of spaces, thanks to a regular structural pattern.

High quality work and socialization spaces are generated, with great hollows of relationship, lighting and natural ventilation.

An austere, compact building, sustainable in materials used, low energy consumption and easy maintenance.

The building is organized from a two-storey basement that occupies the entire plot, where the most public part of the activity is developed. The main feature of this socket is its luminosity, being bathed by the natural light of two large empty spaces, and a set of light patios that allow to illuminate and ventilate in a natural way all the rooms of views and spaces interiors, with maximum confidentiality among them.
A large lobby of 8 meters high conforms the entrance to the building extending the street to the interior. The lobby pierces the east-west area, and is the space for access to the public in the different rooms of the lower and first floors.

The rest of the building floats above the base. On the second floor that acts as a transition between the socket and the higher volumes, the dependencies of the Superior Council of Justice, general spaces of the building and the terrace are located.

Above this level the building is structured in the form of U with a large central vacuum space.

The central part of the U is formed by the vertical communication spaces, the facilities and the common spaces of each plant. This volume structures the accesses and communications of the internal personnel and the general public in a segregated manner.


Electrical Facilities

The installation of three electrical panels per plant, normal current box, stabilized current box (SAI) and management panel (control of air conditioning, lighting, etc.) will be planned.
Uninterruptible power supply system (UPS)

The installation of a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply System) in the building for the provision of voice and data of the plants and two UPS are redundated for power supply of the DPC (Data Processing Center).

Photovoltaic solar installation:

Photovoltaic solar installation on the roof of the building for the production of electrical energy that will be injected into the FEDA electricity grid.

Installation of air conditioning

The installation of six climatizers on the roof of the building will be planned for the contribution of primary air to the different plants. There will be an air conditioner for every three floors of the building, plus one for the 1st floor, one for the Pl. Low and a sixth climatizer that will feed the plants -1 and -2.

The air conditioners will be with direct expansion batteries and will have heat recovery and incorporate the option of free-cooling when external temperatures are favorable.

These air conditioners will send the pre-heated or pre-cooled air to the different plants (above 20ºC). Once in the plant, water inductors will be installed on four tubes that will allow this temperature to vary, in such a way that each office can have cold or independent heat.

The production of cold and hot water (simultaneous) of air conditioning will be carried out by means of two air / water heat pumps.

Installation of fire safety

The fire safety installation will be based on smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, BIE's and dry columns for stairs. The evacuation routes in case of fire will also be taken into account, such as corridors, exits and stairs.

In the parking lot will install a forced ventilation system with CO detectors.

Gas extinction systems are foreseen for files and by the DPC (Data Processing Center).

The building will have a public address system connected to the fire station to send voice messages in case of evacuation of the building.

Security Against Intrusion

The control of access to the building, in the rooms, offices, premises, elevators, is carried out with proximity cards.

Closed circuit of television in the following areas outside of the building, in the accesses to the same and inside the building in corridors, halls, access to technical premises, parking, viewing rooms, rooms of curtains, etc

Installation of X-ray inspection equipment and document scanner in the main access to the building.

Audiovisual Media

Digital billboard system in the corridors, entrance and rooms of the building to show the calendar of events planned. A screen will also be installed at the entrance of each room to consult the calendar of the room itself.

As regards the management of the meeting rooms of the lower floors, first and second, a centralized system for the management of the time of occupation of the rooms will be envisaged.

Installation of voice and data

Workplaces will be installed throughout the building equipped with RJ45 and cable cat presses. 6 to screen that will be useful for both voice and data transmission.

Each rack cabinet will be provided on each floor that will concentrate the RJ45 holes in the plant.

The facilities will include where there will be the data processing center (CPD) that will concentrate the entire installation of the building. The plant cabinets will be linked to the CPD through optical fiber.

Wifi points will be installed in the roof of the common areas, with coverage throughout the building in order to allow continuity of voice and data communications throughout the building.

Installation of Telephone switchboard with technology.

Inhalational VoIP phones will be available at the offices and wired in the meeting rooms and other premises.