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Architecture projects: Reform of the Guarded Refuge of Juclar

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Canillo (Principat d'Andorra)

Date: 2009
Reform of the Guarded Refuge of Juclar, Architecture (Principality of Andorra)

Reform of the Guarded Refuge of Juclar

The existing building is a central plant building located in a plane at the foot of First Juclar Estany. The shelter is currently a haven Juclar open unguarded. It consists of a single volume covered hipped.

This space is concentrated area both day and night shelter. Two annexes side make the role of shepherd's hut to the east and west to woodshed. The current building is a building bearing walls with stone-lined wooden structure covered with slate finished.

The enlargement is projected onto a relatively flat land with a certain slope at the rear. This project extends the shelter for the west side and allows the separation of functions day and night.

So the bedroom and health services are concentrated in the expansion while the building retains the dining area, lounge and remodeled to include kitchen and save room.

The expansion is planned with the intention of altering the current minimum volumes to maximize the existing building.

In a total built area of 234.87 m2, extending rectangular closed to north to take advantage of better weather patterns.

In fact contain the south facing windows and heat accumulation systems as well as hot water production. To this effect will be to do some grading and excavation work.

The resulting room is modulated to allow maximum capacity with minimal space (about 5.3 m 2 / person). You think of a cabinet composed of a litter of two floors connected by a third over the passageway.

Although the exterior finishes play existing coatings to give unity to all the new building is composed of a lightweight wooden trusses covered with wood panels with insulation.

The refurbishment of the existing building will improve the thermal conditions and adapt to the new role of dining room, kitchen and save room.