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Architecture projects: Housing Building in Les Arades, Av. Virgin of Canólich

Multifamily Housing


Sant Julià de Lòria (Principat d'Andorra)

Date: 2005
Housing Building in Les Arades, Av. Virgin of Canólich, Architecture (Principality of Andorra)

Housing Building in Les Arades, Av. Virgin of Canólich

This project concerns the construction of an apartment building with commercial premises at ground floor and offices in the area of "Les Arades" in Sant Julia de Loria.

The building project is a multi-family housing block, with a total of 30 houses of 70 m2, on a total area of 3256.15 m2.

On the ground floor and first with 465.25 m2 each, have a shop and offices.

From the 2nd floor to the 5th (with 470.18 m2 each) were projected 5 apartments per floor.

The penthouse floor consists of 394.87 m2 duplex penthouse apartments of 50.06 m2.

The roofs are of slate with slopes greater than 30%, with short irons across the surface snow.

The facings are of granite with pieces of 60x30, and a part with aluminum cladding.

Necessaries were concrete walls for earth retention.

Internal distributions of the houses are brick or partition of "Placoplatre" of 9 cm.

The exterior walls were made with 15 cm brick with insulation chamber 5 +5 cm.

The tiles were made in stoneware pieces for all housing in vitrified ceramic tile in the bathrooms and toilets.

And installed two lifts of 630 kg.