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Architecture projects: Residential Building on Princep Benlloch Street

Multifamily Housing


Andorra la Vella (Principat d'Andorra)

Date: 2003
Residential Building on Princep Benlloch Street, Architecture (Principality of Andorra)

Residential Building on Princep Benlloch Street

This project is the construction of an apartment building with commercial premises in the street Príncep Benlloch, with a surface area of .2811,70 m2.

The building is on a parcel of 488,80 m2 and is formed with 2 floors for parking: ground floor and first floor with 391.50 m2 each. The second, third and fourth floors are for apartments; three apartments per floor in an area of 420,50 m2 per floor.
With a total height of 18.50 m, circulation between levels is done through box staircase with two elevators (one Community matters and one of private use of the property to access to the sixth floor).

The entrance of vehicles in the parking and access to a car lift is in the ground floor.
In the ground floor and first floor we have two parking levels with capacity of 8 cars of each.

The plants second, third and fourth with an area of 420.50 m2 each, are for apartments. Three apartments per floor with two bedrooms each.

The fifth floor of 420.50 m2 is also intended to apartments, but is divided into two parts:

The first two apartments with two bedrooms.

And the rest of the floor is intended to squash room and small gym room with two showers and toilets, where the access is from the sixth floor.

And on the sixth floor of 346.70 m2, we find a clear floor intended for private use for reading and games.