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Architecture projects: Building of Multifamily Homes at street de les Escoles, 2

Multifamily Housing


Sant Julià de Lòria (Principat d'Andorra)

Date: 1999
Building of Multifamily Homes at street de les Escoles, 2, Architecture (Principality of Andorra)

Building of Multifamily Homes at street de les Escoles, 2

The proposed building is a block of apartment blocks in Sant Julia de Loria. The building has a total of 5.783.23 m2.

The park is designed in underground levels below 14 meters of excavation of the building constructed surfaces (703.99 m2) in floor -1 and (260.37 m2) in floor -2, up to 45 vehicles.

Type plants of the 1 st through 5 th are about 625.78 m2 each and consist of different apartments per floor. Not to mention the 6th floor of 1048.93 m2. A total of 40 homes formant this project.

The entrance to the pedestrian core of communication has been designed by the c / de les Escoles, not to mention a shop on the ground floor of 663.13 m2.

The building also includes two lifts of 630 kg.

The roofs are slate building with slopes greater than 30% and short irons were placed across the surface snow cover.

Concrete walls were constructed for containment of land.

  Indoors, the facings are of granite with pieces of 60x30, and a part with aluminum cladding.

The indoor distributions are made Placoplatre wall or partition of 9 cm.

The interior walls relented with drywall and all the tiles were made in stoneware pieces.

And for all dwellings in the building, included vitrified ceramic tiles in bathrooms and toilets.