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Architecture projects: Font Amagada Residential Building in Anyós

Multifamily Housing


La Massana (Principat d'Andorra)

Date: 2004
Font Amagada Residential Building in Anyós, Architecture (Principality of Andorra)

Font Amagada Residential Building in Anyós

This project corresponds to two blocks of multi-family housing "Font Amagada" in Anyós CS310, La Massana, with a total built area of 3627.905 m2 each block.

It consists of 7 floors and 24 apartments per block. Under the two blocks there are two floors of garages with capacity for 66 vehicles.

Access to parking in plants -2 and -3 (of 575 m2 each) were produced by a ramp next to the road and parallel to it.

This project raises the problem of integrating two blocks of flats in urban expansion area.

Entering the details of construction, we have the facade with maximum heights of 15.0 m. The slate roofs with slopes of 30%. And facings of stone and iron.

Plants built surfaces for each of the blocks are as follows: 347.66 m2 in floor -3; 373.26 m2 -2 and -1 in plants, 375.575 m2 of ground floor 388 m2 in Pant 1 st, 293 m2 on 2nd floor and 175 m2 3rd floor.

As for the finished work: The finished interior walls plastered. The tiles were made in stoneware pieces for all housing in vitrified ceramic tile bathrooms and services.
Short irons were placed across the surface snow cover.

And they installed four electric lifts of 630 kg, two in each apartment building.