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Architecture projects: Social housing La Solana, Urb. Sant Pere in Pas de la Casa

Multifamily Housing


Encamp (Principat d'Andorra)

Date: 2006
Social housing La Solana, Urb. Sant Pere in Pas de la Casa, Architecture (Principality of Andorra)

Social housing La Solana, Urb. Sant Pere in Pas de la Casa

This building with a total built area of 11,426.65 m2 located in the Pas de la Casa, is organized in two volumes connected by the lower floors, including a total of 89 lodgings.

Plants -2 and -1 with 1333.70 m2 surface each are parking areas, with a capacity of 101 seats.
4 ground floor commercial premises in an area of 1333.70 m2.

In the two blocks has 11 floors for houses with access from the upper bound of the Rue de la Solana. And there are three duplex homes with direct individual access.

The arrangement of the two blocks leaving a space or courtyard, which allows passage between the spaces of the two buildings, terraces and some of the homes use of this plant.

Access to the set is from the lobby on the lower and upper bounds of the lane corresponding to the two blocks of flats.

There are two core lifts that give access to different housing facilities and parking for each block.

This vertical communications hub linking the two levels of the street and the outdoor courtyard located between the two buildings.

Plant surfaces are constructed by the following:

In Block A: 1st Floor: 1313.70 m2, 2nd and 3rd: 864.40 m2, 4ª: 792.40 m2, 5th, and 559.50 m2.

In Block B: Plants 2nd and 3 rd: 400.30 m2, 4ª: 438.70 m2, 5ª: 420.70 m2, 6ª: 356.90 m2, 7th: 362.35, 8th: 299.3 m2, 9th : 223 m2, 10th: 99.80 m2, and 11th: 26.80 m2.

Also fit inside two houses for use by disabled people. The route between the two streets audience enjoys the degree of adaptability.