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Architecture projects: Commercial Building and Offices - Montclar



Andorra la Vella (Principat d'Andorra)

Date: 2003-2007
Commercial Building and Offices - Montclar, Architecture (Principality of Andorra)

Commercial Building and Offices - Montclar

The idea of the project is a building of 13.627.65 m2, which is adapted to the planning situation.

We break this piece into two bodies (Blocks 1 and 2), which later joined by a light well to create two entrances, one on the street Bonaventura Armengol and another in the Valira river ride.

This vertical split in the buliding airs and gives clarity and distinguishes the vestibule.

Two stairways and elevators are located in each new volume to provide the access to 12 offices in different floors 2ond, 3 rd, 4 th (of 1537.14 m2 each), the 5th floor (of 1583.09 m2) and low plant cover (of 976.48 m2) in which are located the offices.

The ground floor (of 1580 m2) and the first floor (of 1379.81 m2) are for 8 commercial stores and also have entrances for both sides of the building.

The basement floor -1 (from 336.85 m2), -2 and -3 (with 1580 m2 each) are designed to 107 parking spaces and they are not affected by the light well and are communicated with the two volumes through the stairways and lifts.

The facades are placated with granite gray and dark gray aluminum parts.

There are snow irons on the entire cover surface.

In the basement floors there are technical local for the generator, two diesel tanks of 30,000 lc/u, a reserve water tank of 120 m3 for the fire safety equipment.
The distributions of the offices are walls or partition of "placopatre" of 9 cm. For the exterior there are walls of brick of 15 cm with thermal isolation chamber 5+5 cm.

Industrial concrete floor finishing with epoxy painting in the parking.

And it has provided a transformer station for the power supply.