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Architecture projects: INAF Offices - Andorran National Institute of Finance



Andorra la Vella (Principat d'Andorra)

Date: 2010
INAF Offices - Andorran National Institute of Finance, Architecture (Principality of Andorra)

INAF Offices - Andorran National Institute of Finance

The Andorran National Institute of Finance has a new office on the fourth floor Montclar of Andorra la Vella. The building Montclar Street is among 10 Bonaventura Armengol Andorra la Vella and the River Great Valira.

The two main facades of the building are designed respectively to the northwest and southeast. For the new office INAF has reserved the entire fourth floor in the northeast corner of the building with a single input and a single office with a total area of 724.51 m2.

The distribution of the new office for the INAF, consisting of 1 reception area, 8 private offices, 1 living room with 12 workstations, 2 conference rooms, 3 files, 2 rooms and 1 storage server. Regarding the heads: maintaining the existing services of the plant.

Floor area overlooking the northeast facade overlooking the river, is reserved for the location of six individual offices and a meeting room.

The area facing the street Bonaventura Armengol, is reserved for the location of large operational area forecast 12 jobs and two individual offices for the purposes of study and supervision.

The interior of the plant area is reserved for different files, warehouse and receiving the institute as well as meeting the other, the local copies and server rooms.

Between spaces, is used basically two types of partitions: first plasterboard walls, painted in three different colors to differentiate the different departments.

The other divisions are made with glass screens, through which it generates a transparent and bright inside. You get the light to penetrate into the interior of the plant and does a lot of visual relationships within the office (eg between the operating area with workstations and private offices).

The parquet flooring is applied in almost all areas of the plant, and helps the sense of visual continuity and transparency.