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Architecture projects: POLIS - OLYMPUS project study



Barcelona (Espanya)

Date: 2012
POLIS - OLYMPUS project study, Architecture (Principality of Andorra)

POLIS - OLYMPUS project study

The intent of the project is to solve the complexity of the program "POLIS OLYMPUS" from architecture: turning the complex into simple, an atmosphere of serenity, harmony, natural light penetration, flexible workspace, adaptability to change, representative space functional and visually unify the space, light, efficient, modern, functional, technological edge image.

Only the management offices and meeting rooms are closed due to requirements of discretion, enhance the meeting, the organization of circulation, entrance hall that articulates different areas (operations, customer service and address).

From this concept, is the idea of the city, efficient, rich in its complexity, its multi functionality. The all articulated around a reference space: the heart of "Olympus", the square. The square becomes very relevant part in the project settings. The square space of arrival, meeting, socializing, informal meetings, leisure, gives centrality to the very linear floor of the building.

This scheme thanks to the strength of its simplicity, generates the order and rigor to respond to all the demands of the program. Simplify clarifying, simplifying clarify from architecture, with minimal gestures get to the essence. We want the furniture to be a very important element of the project, but never "the project".

It is the backbone of the program space and around the central square: transmit clearly. Around the central space of socialization generates a first crown workspace, open, modular, without hierarchy.

At the ends of the building, a second crown with compartmented spaces for privacy needs rigor transmits it to repeat the same pattern in all plants, enhancing the reading from the inside and from the outside that this is a corporate building and filling.

Generate a participatory environment with a powerful personality that promotes connectivity between people working, optimizes and minimizes internal and external circulations provides reading plant balance and understanding of space as a whole from the start, allowing manage and filter access to the offices from a single control point at the ground floor.

Lets not partition the space partitioning, enhancing one of the values of the building, open space without pillars, open and bright, allowing for the clarity and simplicity of your order, maximum flexibility in order to grow or assume future program changes without reading the whole is only minimally affected, and to separate work areas and leisure areas.

The pavement of the square there is provided a removable laminated parquet, to get a more domestic feeling of comfort at home.