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Architecture projects: Renovation of Single Family Home in Asnurri

Single Family House


Catalunya (Espanya)

Date: 1997
Renovation of Single Family Home in Asnurri, Architecture (Principality of Andorra)

Renovation of Single Family Home in Asnurri

This is the architecture project for the renovation of a building in Andorra used for accommodation between medians. The site is located on the main street of Valls Asnurri Valira.

The plot has a shape vaguely rectangular area of approximately 112 m2. The facade facing the main street and is hit the bottom for the future enlargement of the vial.

The project consists of: Ground floor: with stairs leading to the house, garage, warehouse and storage. First floor: Housing consisting of living room-dining room, kitchen, toilet, hall and step. Second floor: three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Cover starts from the 8.10 bound in the lowest point of the street and is inclined by 30% of slate. The facades are of local stone and pine woodwork Melis.

The floors of unidirectional, singing 18 +4 cm semi-resistant joists and concrete caissons. Rc 175 kg concrete. and iron of 5100 kg/cm2.

The floor slab of the ground floor is self-resistant joists, slabs of concrete ceramics and metal mesh distribution.

The stairs are concrete slab with the frame.

The bearing walls are stone factory, existing on the perimeter of the building, reinforced concrete and mesh 200Kg/cm2 the inside.

Internal partitions (walls) are 7.5 cm brick two cameras, using the "drywall".

And vents or smoke are 20x20 ceramic tiles.