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Architecture projects: Single Family Home in Can Diumenge, Plot no. 38

Single Family House


Escaldes-Engordany (Principat d'Andorra)

Date: 2011
Single Family Home in Can Diumenge, Plot no. 38, Architecture (Principality of Andorra)

Single Family Home in Can Diumenge, Plot no. 38

In a total floor area of 1,423.18 m2, this detached house is divided into four upper floors plus two basement floors. The building is implemented on the ground adapting to the natural topography of the same.

Access to housing is made from the upper bound on the ground. From this small stretch is accessible by ramp access on the ground, third floor, where the garage, the elevator that connects the basement floors, and through a walkway that runs along the west side façade, the dealer where the vertical core formed by stairs and elevator, which connects to the lower floors.

On the ground immediately below the second floor, there are two rooms with bath and access to terrace, oriented to the southwest façade.

Access is through the dealer that also communicates with a sink on the east side, and the vertical connection elements.

The first floor houses the main living room, with dressing and bathroom, and access to outdoor terrace, located on the west side of the plant, on the east side is a studio with a bathroom.

Both sides are connected by a footbridge over the double height that conforms to the lower level and that in turn gives access to a library that also serves the double height and rests on the stairs.

The ground floor, consists of an open space with living room in the center where the double height library, staircase and one side of the elevator.

In another end of the hall is a fireplace. The living room has access to the garden. On the west side lies the kitchen, formed by a large central island, which in turn makes the table, leaning on the back and side walls with upper and lower.

The kitchen has access to an outdoor deck with BBQ, and on the back to pantry, laundry and toilet. Access to the lower floor, basement -1, is done through another core of stairs, lift or elevator with connecting with the third floor.

Space is a multipurpose room, clear, and the basement -2, which only has access by flight of stairs from this level.