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Architecture projects: Parking and Leisure-Sports Complex, La Covanella

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Ordino (Principat d'Andorra)

Date: 2004-2007
Parking and Leisure-Sports Complex, La Covanella, Architecture (Principality of Andorra)

Parking and Leisure-Sports Complex, La Covanella

This project refers to the parking lot sporting and recreation complex, La Covanella in Ordino.

In a total area of 3475.39 m2 were connected the two ends of the development, access North and South access to a series of "terraces", resulting from the different floors of underground parking.

The basement -2 (with 776.59 m2), and the basement -1 with (997.30 m2) to bridge the height difference between the two inputs, while areas aparcamineto form.

These "terraces" serve to give the people of Ordino and the whole urbanized spaces for different sports and leisure activities.

On the ground floor 207.74 m2 are used as a multipurpose hall for the City. And a whole area of 1493.76 m2 is used for sports equipment.

The exteriors are finished in local stone and concrete with color additives, the finish of the square of bituminous material with strips of granite.

The structure was designed with reinforced concrete beams and concrete pillars.

And the floors are of reinforced concrete with a thickness of 30 cm.

It also has Scuppers for rainwater collection tube locked in 400 mm diameter high density polyethylene.

The finishes of the main facades are of stone veneer, concrete and steel bars.

The exterior carpentry carpentry was done with steel.