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Architecture projects: Complex for Cinemas and Commercial Premises in Santa Coloma

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Andorra la Vella (Principat d'Andorra)

Date: 2010
Complex for Cinemas and Commercial Premises in Santa Coloma, Architecture (Principality of Andorra)

Complex for Cinemas and Commercial Premises in Santa Coloma

This project refers to a building for movie theaters, shops and parking.

A building with a total floor area of 10,178.66 m2 which projected a volume Avenue facade to Santa Coloma.

Articulated by a stairwell that runs the building, giving light and clarity on each floor, the building is divided into six plants along the following pattern:

A restaurant, bowling alley, a playground and technical galleries are located in an area of 1608.51 m2 in floor Soterranio -2.

In basement-1 (1714.03 m2) we have the shops. And access to the building is on the ground floor.

On 1st floor we have a lobby, ticket booths, a pizzeria restaurant, three movie theaters and popcorn sales - drinks (1714.03 m2).

In plants 2 and 4 th with 1714.03 m2 each are hubican rooms and projection techniques.

The third floor rooms have five more movie and popcorn sales area and beverages (1714.03 m2).

And parking is planned in an area of 408.69 m2 within the same parcel of property.
The opening of the broken walls of the building volume and invite us to visit the hallways on each floor and are organizing the different facilities available to the volume.

The building is articulated through six stairways and two elevators that allow vertical movement that runs throughout the volume.

These stairs are discharged at the rear of the building and serve as outlets for the eight theaters.

Materials covering the two pieces that form the set of the building are of light colors to lighten the whole.