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Architecture projects: Service station in Encamp

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Encamp (Principat d'Andorra)

Date: 2012
Service station in Encamp, Architecture (Principality of Andorra)

Service station in Encamp

The plot where the project is carried gas station is located on the ground called The deviation bordeta Encamp. Plot facing north with a very mild slope, south and west neighboring plots a communal way. On the central axis, crosses the deviation of Encamp, dividing the land into two parts, north side and south side.

The plot has a rounded shape, and a net area of 8774.57 m2. The total constructed area of 2603.30 m2. The project runs on both sides of the deviation of Encamp two gas stations, a car wash, some warehouses and workshop changing tires. Three basic volumes on the south side, one module forms the gas station 2 and the other two for storage rooms, Modules 3, with a maximum distance from the axis of the road about 54 m.

The volume of the gas is divided into two spaces: the store of the gas station road axis oriented, and housing for the person who works at the gas station, which is geared towards exteriror. The house has three bedrooms, a bathroom a kitchen and a living room, dining room.

On the south side we found a gas station that consists of the same house and the same store as the north side, and two ships industrials. All entrances are accessible to wheelchairs.

On the north side of the plot ran an excavation and retaining wall from the neighboring property, right on the vertical wall of our project. As created a land slope geo-synthetic reinforced to reduce the load acting on the wall of the neighboring property.

Our wall was coated stone country throughout its length. The fielding was planned so that the impact on the environment of the buildings is minimized by adapting the alignment to the contour lines, thus minimizing the impact on the original ground, and saving the uneven terrain with their own building, integrating the topography.

We also organize flows of vehicles, to encourage maximum internal circulations, and avoid affecting the public road network.