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Architecture projects: Service station in Shopping Center

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Sant Julià de Lòria (Principat d'Andorra)

Date: 2013
Service station in Shopping Center, Architecture (Principality of Andorra)

Service station in Shopping Center

The parcel is located approximately KP 8 +720 and 8 +850 to PK General Highway 1 with a total net area of 11,994.87 square meters.

In the plot there are two built service stations and shopping center, the first station called "Service Station Meroil", located on the north side of the parcel, the shopping center known as "River Mall" located the central part, and a second object of the present petrol station refurbishment and expansion, known as "Service Station Riberola."

The current station is to be modified and extension has three shelters metal frame, with an area of approximately 107.04 m² dimensions of 13.00 meters wide and 8.23 meters long each.

This 238.85 m2 project is motivated by the creation of a new roundabout on the road first. Due to the proximity of the roundabout and jets of the same orientation, cars and trucks should go straight to the roundabout planned.

The station, which has 8 points for the fuel covered service under a canopy, and a closed volume with a space to store and safe, a warehouse, a local technician and a bathroom adapted Station service will also have an ATM.

The proposed service station consists of: shop, warehouse, local technical handicapped bathroom and area ATM.

The structure of pillars and structure of reinforced concrete flat slab, sheet metal siding and concrete walls, slate roof ventilated and exterior will be painted aluminum with thermal break.

And the canopy is metal overlap with metal sheet roof and siding plexiglass for signage.