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Architecture projects: Service station on Av. Tarragona

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Andorra la Vella (Principat d'Andorra)

Date: 2012
Service station on Av. Tarragona, Architecture (Principality of Andorra)

Service station on Av. Tarragona

The plot where the project takes place is located between Avenida and Calle Tarragona "Esteve Dolça". It has a triangular shape, an area of 859.40 m2 and a very gentle slope.

This station is a construction of the 90 which consists of two volumes of octagonal in plan, the first volume is a canopy that covers the petrol pump and the second volume a building where we found the shop gas station, small garage and a house of two rooms.

On the ground floor of 594.10 m2 are two shops and a car wash, the three are part of the new volume resulting from the former shop and expanding the gas station we do.

The new volume is lined with a continuous skin of corrugated iron. All entrances are accessible to wheelchairs.

The car wash has access from Avenida Tarragona and the output is from the street "Esteve Dolça".

The reform project plans to extend the commercial gas station, knocking down the walls of the garage of the same volume without touching the housing, and grow to the neighboring property with a new building of the same height as the store.

In the new volume will place a car wash and a local tire change. The fielding is done so that the impact on the environment is minimized and circulation of vehicles smoothly as possible.

The pitched roof meets a hidden operation so that the overall look of the building is that of a volume of pure edges.