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Architecture projects: Borda Casalé Reform - Mountain Hostel Tarter

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Canillo (Principat d'Andorra)

Date: 2012
Borda Casalé Reform - Mountain Hostel Tarter, Architecture (Principality of Andorra)

Borda Casalé Reform - Mountain Hostel Tarter

In the field of surface 513.10 m2 located on the corner of the road to the town of San Pere del Tarter Canillo, stood the old hut called goods of cultural interest of the Government of Andorra, the subject of this reform project designed to shelter in mountain tourism.

With a total floor area of 327.90 m2, the border has access to the ground floor, located in the north and another access on the second floor, on the same side of the façade facing the garden top of the plot.

The renovation has respected the one hand, the traditional architecture of Borda and on the other hand has covered the needs of the hostel facades maintaining its original state, recover and remove the items that have been added (signs, chimneys and extractions) for the use of the border in recent years.

Access to the lodge is by the floor, keeping the previous post. In this appendix, the hut there is reception, the space at the same time makes waiting room and tallafred.

The interior of the ground floor is used as a living room, kitchen and bathroom.
The seating area is placed beside the fireplace, using the natural light from the large windows on the east façade.

The bathrooms are spread over an area of showers and toilets in the battery area and toilets.
Two scales placed on either side of the ground floor giving access to the first floor. These scales provide direct access from the bedroom to the bathroom and the living room.

The master bedroom occupies the entire second floor, dividing the space into two volumes bring together the bunk beds, for a total of 36 people. The first floor has an exit to the garden.

Ventilation is the bedroom, using existing windows in the facades and a number of new openings in the roof. There has been no new opening in the facades.

Slate roof has been preserved and today it has made new openings to ventilate the bedroom.
The first floor slab, wood, and downed it has built a concrete and wrought metal pillars.