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Architecture projects: Facade reform in La Laguna Street, 2

Reforms and Sustainability


Andorra la Vella (Principat d'Andorra)

Date: 2013
Facade reform in La Laguna Street, 2, Architecture (Principality of Andorra)

Facade reform in La Laguna Street, 2

The objective of this project is the renovation of the facade of the building located in the "Lagoon 2" in Andorra La Vella.

The floor of the building has a triangular shape and rounded façade along the alignment of the curved street.

The play adapts to existing regulations in force.

Respect separations the street and neighbors as well as the maximum heights of buildings and other ordinances that planning regulations contained.

It is an apartment building existing distributed in seven floors.
The renovation of the facade presented, corrects problems building the current facade.

The actions carried out are:

- Placing jambs and lintels of metal sheet iron painted 6mm thick.

- Placing gutters aluminum sheet 2mm thick with a dropper made it folded plate.

- Placing pieces of silver White flamed granite 3cm thick of the same measurements as the marble Cenia placed today.

- The grandstands protruding façade panels were made with phenolic resin imitating wood.

- The granite was placed with a mounting system for ventilated facade mechanizing the granite pieces horizontally across its length and fixing the vertical uprights to be fixed to the front.