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Engineering Projects: Desviació a Encamp Rotonda Enllaç C.G. núm. 2 - Zona Mirador



Encamp (Principat d'Andorra)

Date: 2002-2006
Desviació a Encamp Rotonda Enllaç C.G. núm. 2 - Zona Mirador, Engineering (Principality of Andorra)

Desviació a Encamp Rotonda Enllaç C.G. núm. 2 - Zona Mirador

This project has been developed to solve the connection of the variant of the CG Encamp no. 2 in the Mirador area of Encamp.
In this regard include immediate antecedents projects: Encamp deviation, 1st Phase: Encamp Lookout Zone, written by Engitec in April 1996.
The 2nd phase of the work is to be executed by and directed by Engitec Trebisa ending in November 1998.
And after the two previous phases, the company started the works for the project presented below.

Corresponds to Phase 3 of the deviation of Encamp and solution variant connection with the current General Highway 2 by a round number that allows all possible moves.

The solution developed allows all of these movements through the roundabout. Allows direct movement Escaldes-Canillo by segregated lane as directed by the agency of mobility.
The rotunda is slightly offset with respect to the intersection of the two axes. The fit of the roundabout has been designed trying to make the move as smooth as possible as shown in the drawings.
From the geometry of the link shows that the indirect movement Escaldes Canillo is the most problematic and takes place in contraperalte. To reduce this contraperalte to a minimum has been lowered by the roundabout on the order of 1.00 m from the current level of the road.
The sidewalks are three feet wide except a few specific points where it has been reduced to 1 m order to fit the rails. However, it has created a space availability in the area of ​​urban viewpoint.