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Engineering Projects: Desviació de la Massana, Rotonda Pont de Palanques a Pont Arinsal



La Massana (Principat d'Andorra)

Date: 2011
Desviació de la Massana, Rotonda Pont de Palanques a Pont Arinsal, Engineering (Principality of Andorra)

Desviació de la Massana, Rotonda Pont de Palanques a Pont Arinsal

This project was developed to define the work associated with the deviation of the Massana, section 4 to the junction with the CG3 and CG4 in the bridge area of Arinsal, Parish of La Massana.

The bill defines 378 meters of road, of which 234 are platform between masonry walls and embankment, 117 m form a composite bridge consists of two metal drawers and top slab of reinforced concrete, and 27 meters is a precast bridge girders of narrow edge of 65 cm.

The most immediate execution part corresponds to the precast bridge beams is the part that gave access to the building's parking Farrera Black.

At the height of the stream, mixed bridge began to cross the river and go over the edges of the House Turet and Vidal.

To link to the bridge of Arinsal, were executed last 27 meters to the bridge slab system, made up of edge girders 60 cm surrounded by reinforced concrete, resting on a wall on the right side pillars and a beam with the left margin .

The work can be divided into three parts:
0 +000 and PK 0 +234.62: Platform bounded by stone walls on both sides in the sections that raking off the ground, and low wall closure in areas that the trace is in a small clearing ground level with the current .

PK 0 PK 0 +351.62 +234.62 to: Section in composite bridge supported on four lines of reinforced concrete columns.

Position batteries and bridges to CP-1: Pk 0 +351.62 / P-1: Pk 0 +331.62 / P-2: Pk 0 +306.62 / P-3: Pk 0 +281.62 / P-4: Pk 0 +258.12 / CP-2: 0 +234.62 Pk. Between CP-1 and the height of the side of House Vidal pipeline builds a wall of masonry halfway between the bridge and the river.

PK 0 PK 0 +378.08 +351.62 to stretch the bridge link between mixed and CG3. It consists of a slab bridge with precast beams 60 cm surrounded by concrete edge, forming a ridge of 65 cm.

The beams supported on a wall micro drive the right margin, and on a beam supported by columns at the left margin.