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Engineering Projects: Deviation in Encamp, Phase 1



Encamp (Principat d'Andorra)

Date: 2002
Deviation in Encamp, Phase 1, Engineering (Principality of Andorra)

Deviation in Encamp, Phase 1

The works covered by this project are made to make the deviation of Encamp-Zone Phase 1 Mirador d'Encamp.

The ratio of work done is:
- Excavations located in all types of terrain;
- Fills and embankments for the establishment of the platform;
- Field testing of Jet Grouting injections;
- Jet Grouting special foundations;
- Bridges and 8 reinforced concrete piles;
- Post tensioned concrete slab panel on site.
- Retaining walls to support the platform;
- Manholes and drainage tubes;
- Replacement of services and access;
- Sidewalks.

The route has a length of 440 m. The cross section of the road consists of a roadway width of 13 m, corresponding to 4.5 m for each direction and a sidewalk of 2.0 m in each direction.

The collection and disposal of water from the road is done providing drain manholes  in appropriate points.

The water from the roadway is conducted by vertical pipes with output under board.

The engineered structures included in this project are the concrete walls and bridge from the KP 0 +862 to PK 1 +204.
On the coronation of the walls and on the platform were built handrails defined in the drawings. The sidewalks were also built in the relevant sections.

It also made the replacement of all accesses and existing services in the area, and the replacement of facilities that are affected.

To regenerate the slopes there was made sowing .