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Engineering Projects: Eix de la C.G. núm. 3, Tram Sortida Escaldes-Túnel Artificial



Escaldes-Engordany (Principat d'Andorra)

Date: 2000-2002
Eix de la C.G. núm. 3, Tram Sortida Escaldes-Túnel Artificial, Engineering (Principality of Andorra)

Eix de la C.G. núm. 3, Tram Sortida Escaldes-Túnel Artificial

The base solution consists of a viaduct to the tunnel exit. It aims to eliminate the main drawbacks detected and construction difficulties associated with excavation below water table.

Also the effects on traffic during the execution of works, the loss of urban space that could be converted to other uses and waste of the existing infrastructure.
In the construction process, is taken into account the underground rails of the Unió street have a point under the roundabout, which would be under water table.
This would affect the excavation and the structure but also need to provide a pumping station and a security system that, if it rains a lot the access will be automatically banned.
In any case a risk is taken out of service during certain periods of time. This point leads to suppose serious problems in road traffic and mobility in the area.

To solve these problems is proposed to replace the road allowed for a new viaduct leaving the current roundabout.
With the viaduct construction will eliminate the drawbacks mentioned above. With this solution it is won the urban space that would not exist otherwise.
To eliminate the problem, the solution consists on a viaduct to the Grau de la Sabata tunnel exit, which allows to pass above Dr. Mitjavila street and goes to connect with the roundabout at the junction of de la Unió street and Consell d'Europa street.
Furthermore, the Consell d'Europa street would have two central lanes would buried beneath the roundabout, while two side rails would enter the roundabout and link to the side rails of de la Unió street.