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Engineering Projects: Eixample i Rectificació, C.G. 2 Tram Roc de Sant Miquel a Soldeu



Canillo (Principat d'Andorra)

Date: 2005-2008
Eixample i Rectificació, C.G. 2 Tram Roc de Sant Miquel a Soldeu, Engineering (Principality of Andorra)

Eixample i Rectificació, C.G. 2 Tram Roc de Sant Miquel a Soldeu

The current General Crta No. 2 from the Roc de Sant Miquel in Soldeu, presents a path for improvement in the following areas: drawing irregular breakpoints that reduce visibility and steep stretch from the bridge of Incles in Soldeu.

Irregular shape curve with a radius R = 50 which together with a narrowing of the road to 5.75 m at the bridge crossing difficult or long vehicles coaches at this point.

The section, with two lanes, one downstream and one upstream, allows relatively easy to extend the road to four lanes. The layout is designed trying to respect the following aspects:

During the first 500 meters ground is preserved as much as possible given the large number of buildings that exist on the side of the road.

From this point the gap is distributed to winning the entire length as possible to limit the slope to a conservative value in the section of curve. The slope of this section has been at 4.27%.

The total length of the section is approximately 1100 m.
The project involves the widening and straightening of the General Crta No. 2 between these two points. The total length of the section is 1100 m.

From this point to KP 0 +980, the new ground level rises significantly from the current reaches a maximum of +4.13 m Pk 0 +800. In Pk 0 +980 returns to find the actual ground.

The only secondary road intercepted along the stretch of road is considered secondary road Vall d'Incles.
The link to this road has been designed with the approach of replacing the current link.

But have recovered all access to adjacent properties affected by the new layout.

The platform has a minimum width of 20 m to which are added the corresponding widening in curved sections. The risers are 2% for all curves except the curve where it has Incles cannot increase by 3%.