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Engineering Projects: Link Toulouse Tunnel dos Valires, Phase III



Escaldes-Engordany (Principat d'Andorra)

Date: 2007-2012
Link Toulouse Tunnel dos Valires, Phase III, Engineering (Principality of Andorra)

Link Toulouse Tunnel dos Valires, Phase III

This project has been developed to link the tunnel solution of the Two Valira (referenced to the new infrastructure sector plan as Solà d'Engordany tunnel) with the CG2 between the cores of Escaldes and Encamp.

The project affects the CG2 to 485.96 m in length between approximately 3 PK 3 +600 +100 and the area between the station and channel FEDA Lake spillway Engolasters.

The plan took into account in its first phase (2003-2008) the implementation of Solà Engordany tunnel and its two links E7: link to the CTRA. integral number 3 in the valley of North Valira. And E8: Link to ctra. 2 overall in the valley of Valira d'Orient.

Preliminary design and tunnel project Solà d'Engordany, drafted by the UTE INGEOTEC SIGMA GROUP SA-99 in September 2003: Defines the layout of the link in both plan and elevation.

The link is resolved in summary form with two roundabouts and three viaducts over the River East Valira.

The first roundabout is located at the same level as the current CG2 to facilitate access to the roads currently converge in the CG2 at this point along with a new road that accesses the right bank of the river by a first viaduct.

This roundabout has an inner radius of 9.00 m and a width of 10.50 m platform enabled on two lanes of 4.50 m and 1.50 m outer sidewalk width.

The second roundabout is situated high on the first and allows the movements associated with access to the tunnel of the two Valira.

The rotunda has an inner radius of 20.00 m and a width of 11.50 m platform skills barrier berm 0.75 m 0.25 m months, plus two lanes of 4.50 m, plus 1.50 m sidewalk outside .