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Engineering Projects: Pont sobre el Riu Valira de Orient, Zona del Parc de la Mola



Escaldes-Engordany (Principat d'Andorra)

Date: 1997-1999
Pont sobre el Riu Valira de Orient, Zona del Parc de la Mola, Engineering (Principality of Andorra)

Pont sobre el Riu Valira de Orient, Zona del Parc de la Mola

The works covered by this project are necessary to make the Road and Bridge on the River East Valira in the Parc de la Mola of Escaldes.
This project involves the definition of the remodeling of the stretch of road that surrounds the Commune of Escaldes and Valira River Bridge in the East.
The work carried out are: excavations located in all types of terrain and fills and embankments for the establishment of the platform.

Also a post tensioned concrete slab panel in situ, retaining walls to support the platform, manholes, drainage tubes and replacement of services and access.
Placement of sewage collection and stormwater. Construction of sidewalks, installation of the services of both Andorra Telecom, drinking water, sewers, street lighting and the replacement of the same and replacement of access.
The layout plan of the axis, is defined by a series of straight alignments linked to curve.

Section starts with a line projected 52,223 m, followed by a curve to the right of radius 200 m and a length of 17.557 m, and another straight stretch of 20.670 m.
The track is a straight link with a length of 34.158 m.
As for the longitudinal profile, the ground has been defined by a straight alignment, with a zero slope. The link is via a straight alignment with an upward slope of 8.4621% of a length of 18.400 m, a a hollow of 200 m with a length of 12.124 m followed by a straight alignment of a 3.634 m upslope of 2.400%.
The road cross section consists of a carriageway 8 m wide, 4 m corresponding to each direction and a sidewalk 2.5 m in each direction.
The collection and disposal of water from the road is done drain manholes providing appropriate points. The water from the roadway by vertical pipes leading to low output board.