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Engineering Projects: Reforma i Ampliació Accés Rodat per a Habitatge Unifamiliar



Sant Julià de Lòria (Principat d'Andorra)

Date: 2010
Reforma i Ampliació Accés Rodat per a Habitatge Unifamiliar, Engineering (Principality of Andorra)

Reforma i Ampliació Accés Rodat per a Habitatge Unifamiliar

The plot where the project takes place is located on the road between the Peguera, Aixirivall, Sant Julia de Loria.

Has an irregular shape, an area of ​​15,987 m2 and a medium gradient of 10.7%. Currently there is a villa on the plot.

The project involves the improvement of internal road layout of access to housing to reduce its current outstanding, changing its path. The works affected facilities and change of pavement.

Was placed also a protective fence on the edge of the vial.

In the street the sidewalk was conditioned to build a support wall on the edge of building. Access to the plot is carried by an entry in the northwestern part of the plot, overlooking the Highway of Peguera. The average slope of the ramp is 12%.

Respecting the maximum slopes, radii of curvature and the terracing of the land.

Construction criteria:

- Earthworks: by mechanical means to the proper height.
- Floor: asphalt.
- Structure: on drywall.
- Hardware: iron fence and guardrails type T-18.
- Infrastructure: building the new route were buried the rush of water, electricity and telecommunications by the same route of the road.
- Drainage independent networks to collect wastewater and stormwater through underground pipes.
- Recovery system clean stormwater through an underground tank of 50 m3 and proper equipment for watering gardens.
- Electrical system: the road has an independent solar lighting system consists of a LED luminaire type, a photovoltaic module built on top of the column, a battery and control system.
- Gardening: landscaping inside the plot.