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Engineering Projects: Rotonda Cruïlla de la C.G.3 amb la C.S. 335, Aldosa



La Massana (Principat d'Andorra)

Date: 2008
Rotonda Cruïlla de la C.G.3 amb la C.S. 335, Aldosa, Engineering (Principality of Andorra)

Rotonda Cruïlla de la C.G.3 amb la C.S. 335, Aldosa

This project has been developed to improve and beautify the stretch CG3 Giberga Bridge Clota Urb Green and tackle this connection with the secondary road 335, and crossing Aldosa Clota Urb Verde.
The solution developed allows all movements through the construction of a roundabout. It is based on a section of round type, to facilitate the passage of pedestrians and vehicles.

The project involves the design of two roundabouts turn in the intersection of the CS CG3 335, Urb Clota Aldosa and cross green and improved the design of horizontal and vertical signaling of CG3.

Roundabouts are designed with an outer radius of 5.00 m in four meters of garden and a paved surface meters remontable and the other with an outer radius of 3.70 m 2.70 m distributed in garden and 1 m remontable cobblestone pavement.

The rotatable rail is 7.00 m wide allows for reversal of any vehicle. The roundabouts are located centered with respect to the intersection of the two axes.

In the rotunda of the aldose the axis of the CG3 has a straight alignment with a slope of approximately 1% and 3.8 approx. in that of the Clota Verde.

Moreover, the shaft reaches the roundabout CS.335 perpendicular to the CG3, with slope of approximately 1% and the axis of the road from the Urb Clota Green with a slope of approximately 1.5%.

The project includes lighting a rush on the main island and the installation of irrigation in the landscaped areas.

Likewise, the vertical type of signaling has been agreed with the technical services of the Ministry of Territorial Planning and Environment and Mobility Agency.