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Engineering Projects: Rotonda Enllaç de la C.G. núm. 2 amb la C.S. dels Cortals



Encamp (Principat d'Andorra)

Date: 2002-2006
Rotonda Enllaç de la C.G. núm. 2 amb la C.S. dels Cortals, Engineering (Principality of Andorra)

Rotonda Enllaç de la C.G. núm. 2 amb la C.S. dels Cortals

This project has been developed to solve the connection of the General Road No. 2 to the secondary road Encamp Cortals with access to the parking of Funicamp.
The solution developed allows all movements through the construction of a roundabout. The solution adopted is based on the existing temporary roundabout, about respecting the current geometry and introducing the intermediate blocks are believed desirable to facilitate the passage of the residents and skiers head to Funicamp.
The roundabout is designed with an inner radius of 5.80 m 4.80 m distributed in large garden area and 1 m remontable cobblestone pavement as directed by Hon. Commune d'Encamp.

The lane is 6.5 m rotating wide-turn permitted in any type of vehicle. Apples sequndàries designed respecting the width of 1 m remontable cobblestone pavement and entering an indoor garden area at low altitude.

The rotunda is placed centered on the intersection of the two axes. In this area, the axis of the CG2 has a straight alignment with a slope of about 5%.

Moreover we have the axis of the CS.220 roundabout which leads to the perpendicular to the CG2, with steep 7.9% and with a lineup of radio left-hander 25.00 m.

For this reason, and bearing in mind the lack of visibility of the vehicles arriving at the crossing on this road, it has replaced the usual "give way" roundabout access to a STOP.

Access to the parking lot Funicamp are fully respected in accordance with the instructions of the Commune.

In the finished project are all agreed with the technical services, including a rush of lighting on the main island and the installation of irrigation in the islets of landscaping.