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Engineering Projects: Viaducte sobre el Riu Ariège



Canillo (Principat d'Andorra)

Date: 2001
Viaducte sobre el Riu Ariège, Engineering (Principality of Andorra)

Viaducte sobre el Riu Ariège

The project Tunnel d'Envalira and access provides to overcome the Ariège River and get to connect with the N22 Highway French, a viaduct 222 m in length in 6 bays (the 2 end of 31 m, and 4 central 40 m) and 11 m wide board, all in curve with a radius of 350 m.

The viaduct consists of a composite deck, piles concreted in situ, and deep foundation by piloting system. The footings were raised with conventional shoes. Both the step 1 and 2 have a deep foundation piles.

This project proposes a new type of viaduct, for the following reasons: a viaduct of the characteristics of the original project requires a fairly long lead time, forcing to execute the project in two seasons, because a single summer season did not allow the initiation and completion of all work units.

The project is part of French territory, on which is located 80% of the structure under consideration.

The changing weather conditions that exist in Pas de la Casa (the work of the viaduct would be made to level 2000) even in summer (in Pas de la Casa may have significant temperature changes in a few hours) would have certainly influence, in the quality of the structure to execute, because this was concreted in situ virtually in its entirety.

There is a variety of works that can not run in the workshop, as are all earthworks, the issue of foundations and abutments, the concreting of the deck slab, and the finish, but the batteries, lintels and beams can be prefabricated in the workshop.