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Engineering Projects: Enllumenat dels Túnels Vells de Sant Antoni

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La Massana (Principat d'Andorra)

Date: 2000
Enllumenat dels Túnels Vells de Sant Antoni, Engineering (Principality of Andorra)

Enllumenat dels Túnels Vells de Sant Antoni

The installation consists of a total of 91 foci, located on the right side of the tunnel in Escaldes sense, also includes emergency lighting located on the right to 80cm of soil.

In the installation of small equipment distribution and lighting equipment, although complying with the rules established at the time of their choice is respected above all an aesthetic and functional criteria defined by the place of installation.

The supplier was Nasa: 380/220 V three phase with neutral. The chosen neutral system corresponds to TT, ie neutral grounded at the transformer station.

Conductor earthed neutral distinctly. Omnipolares cutting devices. Protection against indirect contact based on circuit breakers.

Formation of an equipotential surface for attachment to the protective conductor of all metal surfaces, such as structural elements. Receivers that are not double insulated.

The lighting is calculated on the basis that is appropriate to adjust the light outside the tunnel, and in any case taking into account existing ordinances and recommendations.

Especially on roads where vehicular traffic has avoided the glare.

The entire electrical installation must be done only with insulated copper conductors, nominal voltage of 1,000 V. and fire resistant.

Drivers do not have unions within the interior of the projector and at points of entry have an insulation protection.

The connection of the terminals is performed so that no tensile stresses occur. Brackets and fixing points of the installation are stable to heat.