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Engineering Projects: Instal.lacions de Nau Industrial

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Sant Julià de Lòria (Principat d'Andorra)

Date: 2007
Instal.lacions de Nau Industrial, Engineering (Principality of Andorra)

Instal.lacions de Nau Industrial

This project references the project for an industrial facilities with ground floor and mezzanine. The ship is bound to rental stores.

Downstairs we have stores with input from the main road from 1 and maneuvering area is on the other side of the building.

On the first floor there are mezzanines for storage with access from the main road n ° 1.

The land with an area of ​​5811.42 m2, vaguely rectangular shape is located on highway # 1 near the border with Spain, in the parish of Sant Julia de Loria.

The maximum height of the nave is 18.50 m.

The slate roofs and snows short irons with maximum slopes of 30%.

Brick enclosing walls 15 cm thick concrete walls and the underground area.

The necessary services of water, treated with an autonomous sanitation station type foundry sand-filter compact.

And the wash water each ship, with a hydrocarbon separator 3 liters per second.

They installed a transformer station located in a very small house on the far right of the plot at the fourth floor.