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Engineering Projects: Instal.lacions Noves Dependències de Govern al Prat del Rull

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Andorra la Vella (Principat d'Andorra)

Date: 2004
Instal.lacions Noves Dependències de Govern al Prat del Rull, Engineering (Principality of Andorra)

Instal.lacions Noves Dependències de Govern al Prat del Rull

This project includes facilities for the building of the new government offices in the Prat del Rull.

The building is organized from Corten steel wall which is the nucleus of vertical communications.

This acts as a hinge, allowing the functional program required to adapt over time with great flexibility.

So, you could even use different floors connected by stairs independently, or as two separate buildings, with their lobbies and vertical communication cores.

Access to the building is through a lobby and to the public space that opens to the courtyard. From this you can access the different levels of the building.

The staff is access from the street of the Grau Cami, which is also access to the parking.

Both buildings are proposed to an organization that sets an area with a more representative for each of the ministries and also with the possibility of having a higher degree of privacy, intended to accommodate the services linked to the Ministry (Secretariat, Secretary of State Personnel Special Relationship).

They organize various technical services in separate work areas and different offices on the address of the ministry.

The meeting rooms are available each ministry in the various plants to give better service.

In addition to specific spaces provided for the file, there is an active file perimeter in all areas of work. There is also a small office for staff use alternative plants.

Downstairs is the customer service area with the corresponding back-office and a multipurpose meeting room. There are also photocopying services the building.

The whole building is adapted for disabled guests, both the spaces and routes for public use and areas of work, while adapted toilets available.

Total floor area 5509.79 m2.