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Engineering Projects: Facilities for Sheltered Shelter of the borda of Sorteny

Facilities projects


Ordino (Principat d'Andorra)

Date: 2011
Facilities for Sheltered Shelter of the borda of Sorteny, Engineering (Principality of Andorra)

Facilities for Sheltered Shelter of the borda of Sorteny

This project of reform and expansion of Sortney hut, it was necessary to set a project. Facilities. The reform of the refuge to separate the functions of day and night. So dormitories and health services are concentrated in the expansion, and the semi basement of the existing building.

In a total built area of 529.73 m2, we have on the top floor of the existing building are for dining areas, kitchen, store rooms, a bathroom, and bedroom of the guard.

The expansion is planned with the intention of altering the current minimum volumes, reducing the visual impact of new construction, integrating them with the ground, half buried, creating openings only on the south side, and covering on a roof garden.

The aim is to integrate the new volume in the field, trying new construction as if an alteration of the topography of the terrain. The new facades on the points that saved the slopes, are covered with vertical wood slats.

It thus gives maximum importance to the existing rail, feeling the new volume of the expansion as if it were a patch of urbanization of the existing rail, a plan, setting out the different uses outside of the shelter.

The enlargement of rectangular joins the existing rail level basement, also aims to south, taking a certain angle with respect the existing building (15° approximately), adapting to the contours of the land.

The new volume is formed by an access aisle located on the inside (north) illuminated by an opening skylight cover type, this corridor serves and provides access to two bathrooms and several rooms with bunk beds, four rooms for empty people, with room for twelve.

The rooms and bathrooms are oriented to south, taking advantage of the best solar incidence, filtering the light striking the wooden slats that form the façade cladding.

Through these two mechanisms, south orientation with elements of light incidence control, and isolation of cold fronts with the spot, you get an improvement in the climatic behavior of the building with passive systems.

In the area between the extension and the existing rail creates a kernel extension ladder that connects the ground floor and the semi underground overboard.