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Engineering Projects: Facilities reform old house Ca l' Aern

Facilities projects


La Massana (Principat d'Andorra)

Date: 2006
Facilities reform old house Ca l' Aern, Engineering (Principality of Andorra)

Facilities reform old house Ca l' Aern

Project selection and installation of electrical equipment intended for a residential building containing more than one floor devoted to parking, located in the village of La Massana Aldosa, corresponding to the so-called reform former Cal AERNI.

The scope of the specification includes the following sections: • Installation of panels and install power cables, switchgear installation • Installation of small maneuver and lighting, grounding, and installation • Installation of current flow.

The cables that connect the Caja General Protection each building with the overall picture of each building Accountants (Line dealer) are the phases of 35 mm2 while the driver is 16 mm ² of land.

• The facility electrical system basically consists of: the closet will be located where the electric meters for each apartment, as well as the common services for the building (lobby and staircase lighting, ground parking, facilities services (heating, telecommunications. etc.).

Each meter bypass line as the corresponding single to reach through the planned technical riding purpose dashboard and protection of the home feeds.

In a local park houses the control panel corresponding to common services and protection of the building (SSCC-15kW) that feeds the secondary panels and equipment following members of the joint services of the property with the corresponding elements protection for each power line.

3 homes with a degree of electrification Average (6.60 kW) have the respective box protection and control circuitry comprising five independent lighting one, two outlets, and equipment needed.