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Engineering Projects: Facilities saved refuge of Comapedrosa

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La Massana (Principat d'Andorra)

Date: 2008
Facilities saved refuge of Comapedrosa, Engineering (Principality of Andorra)

Facilities saved refuge of Comapedrosa

The purpose of this project is the renovation of the facility Comapedrosa refuge in the parish of La Massana.

The modifications made to the shelter was as follows:
Installation of a solar energy system with solar panels located on the south facing roof of the shelter.

Completion of divisions in the first floor bedroom, separate rooms for four, plus a corridor to communicate them with the appropriate electrical equipment.

They placed wooden shutters on the outside of the windows of the shelter. It also opened a hole in the wall 0.90x2.10m to place a door in the kitchen at ground floor level.

Modification of the ladder that connects the ground floor with bathroom located in the basement. Modification of the wall where they were located close to these basement. In this space were placed stationary batteries of solar energy system.

Adaptation and extension of the sewerage system of shelter and sanitation maintenance of the facility. The production of electricity is carried from a generator and a photovoltaic system with battery.

The installation consists of two tables, one that feeds the generator and the other is powered from batteries charged by photovoltaic systems.
The generator has the ability to automatically load the batteries of the photovoltaic system.

Installation of lighting normal answer the rules and regulations for electrical installations public places. And installation of the entire system of ventil.lació, water and sanitation.