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Engineering Projects: Instal.lacions Refugi Guardat, de Juclar

Facilities projects


Canillo (Principat d'Andorra)

Date: 2007
Instal.lacions Refugi Guardat, de Juclar, Engineering (Principality of Andorra)

Instal.lacions Refugi Guardat, de Juclar

This project refers to the necessary facilities for a Juclar Refuge, Canillo.

It consists of a rectangular shaped craft, composed of different areas, multiple bedrooms, and large dining services.

As for the detailed elements for plants, placed a counter with three-phase line to feed the general picture of protection and control of the establishment.
The overall picture is located in the technical, consisting of a 4-pole switch 125A that binds with the busbar.

It feeds the equipment of the combination of services with corresponding establishment of protection for each power line.

The degree of protection IP minimally 225.

The rush of the different branches made ​​up to 100A output on terminal blocks type "or Multiclip Poliblocs."

From copper busbar 100A on all outputs are labeled.

The tables have a space reservation of 15% and both the body and the door will be grounded.

The power contracted power is estimated at 63 kW.