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Engineering Projects: Projecte d'instal.lacions de la Nova Seu del Consell General

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Andorra la Vella (Principat d'Andorra)

Date: 2004 - 2010
Projecte d'instal.lacions de la Nova Seu del Consell General, Engineering (Principality of Andorra)

Projecte d'instal.lacions de la Nova Seu del Consell General

The project of the new Headquarters of the General Council were held all installation work . Facilities and study in detail and exact location of all the machinery necessary for the proper functioning of all his .

Set in the surroundings of the Valley House is a building that solves the functional program of the Parliament and at the same time fits and gives immediate response to potential monumental .

The proposal complies with a program and a particularly difficult and complex to its topography and its location in relation to the current Parliament .

The building responds to two programs : the seat of Parliament and the parliamentary groups , these two distinct , but interconnected by a set has a steep topography .

The total floor area for parking the whole building is 4,400 m2, with capacity for 65 vehicles.

The project envisages a future passarel.la connecting streets to the new building in the town square with the square of St. Stephen to sew the Old town square.

Are essential factors in its symbolism , which influence the geographical site .

The set became a thoroughfare , stopping urban centrality confluence of the past and the future.

With a maximum height of 30.20 meters , the building has a total floor area of 16,000 m2.

The area around the Casa de la Vall spaces are now highly symbolic and historical significance , but located in the highest point of the Old Town of Andorra la Vella , have little relation to the plot of the city.

It was necessary to extract 40,000 m3 of rock.

The new building combines the old and the new extension . It is a seam between modernity and history through a place in the House of the Valley 1300 m2 .

The architecture of the building of the General Council of Andorra reflects its ability symbolic thinking society , its durability and being a leader in time and place .

The site and search for the way that responds to the functions and requirements of the building ( such as filled rooms , office room, public appearances , a Chamber with a height of 6.30 m, technical rooms committee rooms , archives, library, etc ...) .