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Engineering Projects: Excavació d'estació de serveis

Geology and geotechnical


Encamp (Principat d'Andorra)

Date: 2012
Excavació d'estació de serveis, Engineering (Principality of Andorra)

Excavació d'estació de serveis

The place where is gas project is located on land called The bordeta deviation from the shade of Encamp.
The excavation required for the project was carried out in the north -facing land with a gentle slope , threshold to the north, south and east and west parcels adjacent to communal way , and crossed the Axis deviation Encamp parcel.la that divides into two parts , north side and south side .
The parcel.la has a rounded shape , and a net area of ​​8774.57 m2 and total built: 2603.30 m2.

The project is organized on both sides of the deviation of Encamp two gas stations , a car wash , a workshop and industrial tire change . 3 basic volumes on the south side , one up the gas module 2 , and the other two used for storage , 3 modules ; maximum separation with respect to the axis of the road about 54 meters .

North side of parcel.la ran an excavation and retaining wall by the neighboring property , right in the vertical wall of our project. It also creates an earth embankment reinforced with geo- synthetic to reduce the loads acting on the wall of the neighboring property . It is our wall is clad in local stone in its entire length .

The implementation on the ground has been planned so that the environmental impact of buildings is as low as possible, adapting to align contours , thus minimizing the impact on the original land , and overcoming the unevenness of the terrain with its own building, integrating them into the topography . Also organized flows of vehicles , to promote maximum internal circulation and avoid affecting the public road network .

The building program includes: a gas station on the north side , a car wash , change a tire shop and a car wash .
The volume of the gas is divided into two areas : store the gas -oriented road axis , and the house of the person who works at the gas station , which is geared towards the exteriror . The house has three bedrooms, a bathroom and a kitchen living room , dining room . On the south side there is a gas station that has the same property and same store on the north side , and two ships industrials.Tots are adapted for disabled access .

Access to the gas is by the deviation of Encamp on the north side and the south side climb down .
Vehicles entering and leaving the stations do not cross the road axis deviation of Encamp.
To turn direction, Canillo Escaldes or head to the roundabouts located on either side of the deviation of Encamp.