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Engineering Projects: Excavació Edifici Oficines Montclar

Geology and geotechnical


Andorra la Vella (Principat d'Andorra)

Date: 2001-2003
Excavació Edifici Oficines Montclar, Engineering (Principality of Andorra)

Excavació Edifici Oficines Montclar

The project in question is nothing more than the excavation process and pre-construction phase of the office building and commercial premises "Montclar."

The idea of the project is a building that fits in the urban situation.
Using a piece according to the needs of our client, we break into two bodies, which later joined by a courtyard.

This creates two entrances, one on the Bonaventura Armengol street and another on the Valira river ride.

This light well inside the building gives clarity and distinguishes the vestubule.

Two stairways and two elevators are located in each new volume to provide access to the offices on different floors.

The ground floor and first floor are for commercial premises and also have the entries for both sides of the building.

The 3 underground floors designed for parking, are not affected by the courtyard and communicate with the two volumes through the stairways and elevators.

These 3 floors of underground car park, can accommodate a total of 118 vehicles.

In terms of structure, the basement consists of concrete perimeter walls. The pillars and beams of all the building are in reinforced concrete.

The inner divisions of the offices are of wallboard of 9 cm.

The exterior walls are made with 15 cm of brick and a thermal isolation chamber 5+5 cm.

The interior walls are painted. The pavement of the underground parking is made by industrial concrete floor finished with Epoxy paint and helicopter system. The tiles of the toilets are finished with ceramic stoneware pieces.

The interior walls are placated with drywall. There are cut snow irons across the surface cover.

It is planned a location for a transformer station due to the large power that needs the building.