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Engineering Projects: Habitatges Socials al Pas de la Casa (Fase estructura)

Structures building and civil engineering


Encamp (Principat d'Andorra)

Date: 2006
Habitatges Socials al Pas de la Casa (Fase estructura), Engineering (Principality of Andorra)

Habitatges Socials al Pas de la Casa (Fase estructura)

The current project refers to the phase structure of the building of social housing in the Pas de la Casa.

The construction is divided into two volumes connected on the lower floors of both.

In the two basement floors is organized together with 93 parking spaces, of which 4 are for people with reduced mobility, and 8 seats for motorcycles.

With access from the lower level of access to all, on the street Bearn, there are two shops, with the ability to compartmentalize them and have four shops.

Available in blocks of five and eight floors for housing. With access from the upper bound of the Rue de la Solana, are three duplex homes with direct individual access from the street.

The arrangement of the two blocks leaves a space or courtyard, community use which allows communication between the public spaces of the two buildings and terraces of the houses use of this plant.

Access to all is from the lobby in the lower and upper bounds of the street for the two blocks of flats.

There are two core lifts that give access to different housing facilities and parking for each block.

A nucleus has two elevators, and the other of four elevators, of which only two with opening to 180 degrees access to the plant under cover.

Moreover, each block has different nuclei of stairs communicating plants dwellings.

It also has a vertical communications core with elevator and staircase linking the two levels of the street and the outdoor patio located between the two buildings.